Chyree Buss - Owner/Manager

Chyree has loved fairy tales for as long as she can remember. As an adult, bringing that love and dedication to accuracy in the characters her business portrays is her goal. She loves to make people smile and hopes to serve her community by bringing joy to as many people as she can.

Chelsea - Makeup Artist/Cast Member

Chelsea is Chyree's younger sister and right hand woman in Royalty Character Parties. She plays numerous characters and is one of our "singing princesses". Chelsea has an extensive background in performing arts and loves doing charity work.

Katie - Advertising Specialist/Cast Member

Katie is a mommy of 2 little princesses, a registered nurse, and a motivational fitness, health and wellness enthusiast. She has worked in childcare in the past as a special needs coach and activities coordinator, and loves to bring joy to all! Her hidden talent is making tiny Origami cranes.

Kai - Cast Member

Kai is also one of our singing princesses and has always been a lover of Disney, musical theater, bright colors, and everything magical! Kai has a degree in Theater Arts and has been a preschool teacher for almost five years. Though Kai already has several units in early childhood development, they are currently going back to school to become a kindergarten teacher. 

Madison - Cast Member

Madison is a former Registered Veterinary Technician looking for her next big thing in life! In her spare time she loves traveling great distances, singing to wild animals in forests, and performing in family-friendly musicals.

Brii Leah - Assistant/Photography

Brii is one of our assistants and performs as some of our villain characters as well. She enjoys creating costumes, dancing and traveling. Brii is a preschool teacher at a local private school and really enjoys working with children.

Arlena - Cast Member

Arlena enjoys cosplay and dancing, and has always had a love for fairy tales and anything magical! She has a background in theater and loves working with children.

Ashley - Cast Member

Ashley is another one of our singing princess, and absolutely adores all things Disney and Marvel. She enjoys singing, cosplay, and working with children. Ashley is currently majoring in art and theater to become a teacher, and is minoring in ASL to become a translator later in life. She hopes to bring princess joy to those who have a hard time communicating with others verbally. 

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