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Event Photography

We here at Royalty Character Parties strive to make your special event as special and stress-free as it can be!  One way we do this is by offering photography and photo editing services to capture every special moment, giving you piece of mind and the freedom to sit back and enjoy the event!

For a flat fee depending on the party duration, our photographer will come to your event and take all of the photos for you. This fee covers the photographers time at your event and will include all of the RAW unedited images for you to download.

You may also choose to add one of our magical photo editing packages! 

Package A: 5 Magically Edited Photos - $55

Package B: 15 Magically Edited Photos - $90

Package C: 30 Magically Edited Photos - $130 

*Please note, this is a supplement to the price of your party package with a character. The cost of the photography fee/package you choose will be ADDED to the party package you choose. These can be viewed on the party packages and pricing tab above *

Photo Backdrops Available

Rainbow Castle - 10' x 10'

Fantasy Castle With Flowers - 10' x 10'

Winter Wonderland - 10' x 10' and 5' x 7'

Villain Kids - 8' x 8'

Villain Children.jpg

Enchanted Forest - 10' x 10'

Frozen 2 Small.jpg

Fairy Wonderland - 10' x 10'

Fairy Wonderland 10x10.jpg

Sunken Ship - 10' x 8'

sunken ship.jpg

Ocean Floor - 10' x 10'

Mermaid 10x10.jpg

Western - 5' x 7'

Western 5 x 7.jpg

Carousel - 5' x 7'


Paris - 8' x 8'


Fashion Runway - 10' x 8'

Fashion Runway.jpg

Classic Villain - 10' x 10'


Voyager Chief - 8' x 8'

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